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We build our websites on user friendly platforms. You get a great looking site crafted with unique MMMilk content and optimised with our expert SEO. Once it's set up, we'll hand it over and guide you through how to change & update the website; putting the power back in your hands. 


We were given the opportunity to re-imagine the security industry in an entertaining way. Rage Security wanted something different, something light-hearted and a fun way to display their services and products. The result was an evolving stylised 3D city that promoted happy harmony over the traditional route of fear and crime that other security services portray. 

The result was a looping day night animation as the landing page with clickable buildings navigation. Each sub-page was filled with visual renderings from throughout the city.

The entire website was immersed in a stylised fun 3D city. All website content and animations were rendered from the city.


Rage products were re-produced in the same style and short animations were created as quick overview of products and services.

The project was approached as ever-evolving over time. New buildings / services will be added to the city as the company grows,

different day night city animations to be added & randomised each time you visit the website.


Experiences such as 360 videos & VR to showcase products and conduct training are also undergoing testing. 


A light & airy website design with ecommerce. 

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