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The flying experience has become ever-increasingly cramp and less enjoyable. Travellers spend a good chunk of time in and around the airport only to queue onto a crowded flight and try to pass the time by staring at a tiny phone screen.

The Current Scenario


Stop Looking Down

Start Looking up

We create immersive first-person content tailored made in 3D 180° video format to take full advantage of the platform and seating position of the audience. Transporting them to exotic travel destinations, experiences and virtual cinema's. 

Instead of watching existing entertainment system’s offerings via a phone screen at arms length, create an experience. Use the technology already being used and enhance it on a platform that already exists.


AirVR is a huge opportunity to make the advertisements themselves an experience. This platform will be a unique position to engage customers in a new and enjoyable way. 3D animations and 3D video content gives the audience depth perception, totally immersing them in the scene.


Because of this AirVR will be a much sort after platform for advertisers over other forms of media.


as experiences



The main issue with VR in the past is wearing any kind of device on your face is a pretty big deal for people. 

If you’re in you living room, VR is a bit of a gimmick and isolates you from everyone around you. However airline travel is in the unique position of audiences sitting down for amounts of time wanting to be isolated from everyone around them. If the only option is watching content on your phone, then VR becomes a very practical alternative.

air VR AR.jpg

The future of AirVR goes beyond video content. Using the phone’s camera, the VR headset can become an Augmented Reality headset. Creating real-time immersive safety demonstrations as well as games, live link to an external flight camera and interactive content.

The Future


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