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Standing Out - A designers guide to Instagram

Instagram can be tough place to stand out. With literally gazilllion of images being uploaded daily it can be stressful trying to come up with original ideas and content to get noticed. No need to stress, here’s a super simple guide to make your instagram account pop.

1.It's all about Color Pallets

With everyone walking around with devices capable of displaying millions of colors, it’s more important than ever to wash them all down to a handful of colors. Nothing says “Hey look how creative we are” by the use of repetitive colors. Create that beautiful brown tone across your entire account by desaturating and using the same filter. It’s like, soo pleasing.

2. Original Content

Misleading title, what we meant to say original content is dead. Don’t spend hours scratching your noggin trying to think of clever original ideas to post for people to mostly scroll past at warp speed, just use stock images. Make sure they fit the aforementioned color pallet. Can’t afford stock images? Just make sure the images you do take, look as generic stock imagery as possible.

3. Bizzare animation are so hot right now.

In a future article we’ll roll up our pants to just above our ankles and dive into the capabilities of Cinema 4D. Incase you’ve already forked out the $$$ and took the lengthy 3 mins to learn how it’s complicated check box system works, make sure you stick to the color pallets; pastels if possible.

4. Enlist Influencers Help

Already doing everything we’ve mentioned and still not gaining enough traction? Think about paying people that already have large followings [of other influences and bots] and get your stuff in front of as many eyeballs as possible. Recent studies show the average person looks at each post for less than a second, so the more eyeballs the better; luckily bots need less time than that to like your posts.

5. If it’s moving, loop it.

If you’re posting videos or animations, make sure they loop. To do this seamlessly does take a bit of time and skill, so here’s a hot tip - just reverse it. Playing it forwards then backwards back to the start is basically the same thing as a thought out looping animation. Videos, even easier - use boomarang! It’s already built in and those videos aren’t jarring at all to watch.

6. Boost your posts

If all else fails boost it. Instagram has made it easier than ever to boost your posts. This is another way you can get your brand out there. I don’t know about you, but when we see a sponsored post, we can’t seem to click the little love heart icon quick enough! Just something about paid advertising we can’t get enough of.

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